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Introduce Yourself!

May 31, 2013

No one likes putting together a cover letter. So, should you use your valuable time writing a cover letter for every position you apply for? Absolutely. A cover letter is an introduction and a way to separate yourself from the competition all in one. A cover letter should state the position you’re applying for, your connections to the organization, and a couple points that make you competitive applicant. Most importantly, it’s a great place to address anything that your resume doesn’t.

Never forget your cover letter!

Many people think that the purpose of your resume is to give a detailed work history of every single job you’ve ever had. False! Your resume only has one purpose. It’s sole purpose is to secure an interview. You can, and should customize your resume according to the position you’re seeking.

We are a team of Pastors, Directors, and Church workers who want to help people get plugged into full time ministry. We will go over your resume, your background, and your education in order to help you draw out your transferable skills.

We represent some of the biggest churches in the United States and we desire to help you fulfill your calling.